Our Tribe

Stef Caldwell


Stef straddles the line between technology and humanity.  As an author, speaker and creator of Manifest, her content, events and programs are designed to lead women through periods of uncertainty, launching them into periods of growth, transforming their self-image, worldview, bodies, and minds.

Tasha Buchmiller


Tasha is an educator, author, and life coach. Her background in education and student advising has enabled her to lead and coach young people to realize their potential. Her hard work to build unshakable confidence in herself, allows her to be bold, brave, and inspiring.  As a mentor and coach, she empowers people to speak their truth and own their journey.  Her personality lights up any room and she believes that when you fall in love with yourself, there are no limits to your potential. 

Helena Yasmine

Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP) alum Formerly a Senior Electrical Engineer at GE Appli

As an immigrant, Edison Engineering Development Program Alum and former Senior Electrical Engineer at GE, Helena has proved her ability to shatter ceilings for female engineers around the world.  A recent trip to France helped her decompress after a six year run with GE and now she's teamed up with Manifest to bring to life a mobile application to connect our communities of women and create a digital space where they can continue to be their full authentic selves and find accountability partners to help them realize their biggest dreams.